Friday, August 28, 2009

September '09 (and a bit of good news!)

Hey, did you hear? They saved film at LACMA! For a year, at least. So, try to refrain from mocking the generous folks at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association during the next Golden Globe Awards, eh?September is almost upon us, and our many illustrious revival/repertory houses have announced their calendars. Obviously, the following is not an exhaustive list (use the links on the right side

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Save Film at LACMA

If any of my six or seven regular readers from long, long ago still have this blog appearing in their reader: Hi, there! I'm terribly sorry to have let Southland Cinephiles lie dormant for half a year. As Dorothy Parker once said: "Time doth flit, oh shit."I fully intend to get this blog up and running again, though it'll be a completely revamped format. The time it took to create a weekly